Fishers wins Late Model feature at 191 Speedway

By Steve LeMaster -

CAMPTON – Harold driver Shane Yates was among the feature race winners at 191 Speedway over the weekend. Yates won the Stock 4-Cylinder feature race at the Wolfe County track.

Other feature winners at 191 Speedway during the venue’s latest racenight were Derek Fisher (Super Late Model), Shon Flanary (Open Wheel Modified) and Jason Hall (KDRA Super Stock).

Complete results from the latest 191 Speedway feature races follow.

Super Late Model: 1. 38-Derek Fisher, 2. 18-Michael Wright, 3. 16-Tyler King, 4. 15-Brandon Mason, 5. 95-Nicky Pennington, 6. 13-Jamie Ferguson,‪ 7. J11-James Butcher, 8. 11P‬-Dakota Pennington, 9. 17-Steve Stollings, 10. 44-Roger Stacy, 11. 102-Jonathon Couch, 22-Joe Mayabb (DNS), 81-Brandon Fouts (DNS).

Open Wheel Modified: 1. 98-Shon Flanary, 2. ‎1S‬-Keith Smith, 3. 42-James Grigsby, 4. 11-Scott Lemaster, 5. 33-Aaron Ratliff, 6. 38-Aaron Branham, 7. 17C-Lee Colwell, 8. ‎41T‬-Courtney Conley, 9. 7-Henry Sizemore, 10. 1X‬-Craig Christian, 11. 1M‬-Cody Mayabb, 12. ‪‎11S‬-Cody Smith, 13. 20-Justin Jacobs, 14. H24‬-Cody Hunley, 15. 17-Steve Eversole, 0-Jimmy Collins (DNS), 3J‬-Jim LeMaster (DNS), B32‬-Brandon Russell (DNS), 24H‬-Michael Paul Howard (DNS).

KDRA Super Stock: 1. 911-Jason Hall, 2. ‎I1‬-Jim Ison, 3. 10-Al “Coon” Lykins, 4. 460-Robby Perkins, 5. 11-Brandon Banks, 6. 99S‬-Steven LeMaster, 7.‎ 14K‬-Chris Blanton, 8. H29‬-Kevin Greer, 9. 03-Tony Sizemore.

Stock 4-Cylinder: 1. 11-Shane Yates, 2. 3-Chase Hunley, 3. T45X‬-Tommy Cox, 4. 23-Tyler Hayes, 5. 42-Cody Smallwood, 6. C17‬-Flip Cantrell, 7. 17-Bobby Masters, 8. 5-Eric Masters, 9. 3-Clint Cox, 10. ‎L47‬-Tyler Lawson, 11. 5JR‬-Justin Masters, 12. 69-Glen Roark, 13. 67-George Patton, 00-Patrick Morns (DNS). courtesy of 191 Speedway

By Steve LeMaster

Steve LeMaster is the editor of The Floyd County Times. He can be reached at (606) 886-8506.

Steve LeMaster is the editor of The Floyd County Times. He can be reached at (606) 886-8506.

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