P’burg Motorsports sets test and tune for July 25

PRESTONSBURG – Prestonsburg Motorsports has announced a new test and tune date for July 25 at Paintsville-Prestonsburg Combs Field Airport. The date for an upcoming Combs Airport Armdrop Drags test and tune was set following a vote held during a meeting at city hall in Prestonsburg on Tuesday evening.

Gates will open at 9 a.m. and armdrop racing will begin at 11. Racing is scheduled for 11 a.m.-7 p.m. at the Hager Hill facility.

The entry fee for the test and tune session is $25. The admission fee is $5 and children ages 12 and under will be admitted free.

Prestonsburg Motorsports holds public meetings every Tuesday at 6 p.m. at city hall for races. The meetings are open to the public.

Classes for the 2015 Combs Airport Armdrop Drags are SST (Strictly Street Tire), SST+ (Strictly Street Tire/Power Adder), STX (Drag Radial Class), STX+ (Drag Radial/Power Adder) and AWD/4WD (All Wheel Drive/Four Wheel Drive).

Due to track surface and safety concerns, all vehicles must be on DOT certified tires.

Cars will be checked during tech and in staging lanes between every round. Any infraction will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

All cars must go through tech and meet class and safety requirements. Officials working tech will have the final judgment.

Area drag racers will have an opportunity to compete in events during back-to-back months. Another Combs Airport Armdrop Drags event is set for Aug. 15.

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