Conley wins feature, Thornsberry finishes fifth

By Steve LeMaster - [email protected]

WEST PORTSMOUTH, Ohio – Veteran driver RJ Conley claimed the checkered flag in the Late Model division at Portsmouth Raceway Park (PRP) over the weekend, outlasting 16 other drivers to the finish line in a highly-competitive feature race on Saturday night.

Another veteran driver, Martin resident Shannon Thornsberry, finished fifth in the Late Model feature.

Ervin Vance, who hails from Beaver, prevailed in the Modified division.

Mud Creek product Nathan Martin drove to a 10th place finish in the Limited Late Model Feature.

Feature race results from the Late Model, Limited Late Model, Sport Mod and Bomber divisions follow.

Late Model Feature: 1. RJ Conley; 2. Stephen Breeding; 3. Kenny Christy; 4. Delmas Conley; 5. Shannon Thornsberry; 6. Nick Bocook; 7. Kenneth Howell; 8. Robbie Lewis; 9. Josh Bocook; 10. Avery Taylor; 11. Charlie Jude; 12. Larry Ferrell; 13. Austyn Mills; 14. Jason Perry; 15. Larry Martin, Jr.; 16. Ben Adkins; 17. Ray Ervin.

Limited Late Model Feature: 1. Mike Meyers; 2. Evyian Terry; 3. Cameron Logan; 4. Kevin Terry; 5. Vincent Bender; 6. Randy Ross; 7. Chris Lockhart; 8. John Melvin; 9. Ronnie Whitt; 10. Nathan Martin; 11. Kevin Wagner; 12. Danny McGowan; 13. Joe Whitt; 14. Jacob Curnutte.

Sport Mod Feature: 1. Brian Sammons, Jr.; 2. Emily Jordan; 3. Eric Dennison; 4. Jimmie Spillman; 5. Keith Shanks; 6. Danny Hamilton, Jr.; 7. George Caldwell; 8. Eric Wade; 9. Evan Gerry; 10. Jeromy Brady; 11. Cody Gifford; 12. Kristin Butler; 13. Zack Vanhoose; 14. Jeremy Cassidy; 15. Brianna Robinson; 16. Denzel Ayres; 17. Billy Baldridge; 18. Robert Lunsford.

Bomber Feature: 1. Zack Pendleton; 2. Shane Pendleton; 3. Rick Butler; 4. Wayne Hughes; 5. Matthew McClain; 6. Joey Clark; 7. Mike Drake; 8. David Skaggs; 9. David Whitt; 10. Bo McCarty; 11. Jason Spillman; 12. Conard Newman.

By Steve LeMaster

[email protected]

Steve LeMaster is the editor of The Floyd County Times. He can be reached at (606) 886-8506.

Steve LeMaster is the editor of The Floyd County Times. He can be reached at (606) 886-8506.


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