Dead Period to end Thursday

PRESTONSBURG – Many local high school athletes and teams are poised to return to preseason workouts. After beginning on June 25, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s Dead Period will conclude on Thursday, July 9.

The Dead Period was adopted nearly 20 years ago by member schools in response to concerns about year-round play and practice and parental and coaching desire for some down time from interscholastic play. Member schools adopted the period of June 25 to July 9 as a time of inactivity, which followed the pattern of the historic idling of southern textile mills and this time allows administrators, coaches, student-athletes and their families a time where they are not committed to school play.

According to Article 3 of Bylaw 26 (The Dead Period), it states that: “Students may not receive coaching or training from school personnel (either salaried or non salaried) and school facilities, uniforms, nicknames, transportation or equipment shall not be used each year in any KHSAA sanctioned sport or cheerleading squad during the period beginning June 25, and going through July 9.

School funds may not be expended in support of interscholastic athletics in any KHSAA sanctioned sport during this period. These restrictions shall not apply to any postseason wrap-up activities, celebrations and recognition events relating to a spring sports team at a school which participated in KHSAA state championship play in that particular sport during that particular year.”

High school football, golf, soccer and volleyball teams will be among the squads in Floyd County beginning preseason practice after Thursday.

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