Martin finishes second in feature

Nathan Martin finished second in the 191 Speedway Limited Late Model feature race on Saturday.

CAMPTON – After setting the fastest time in qualifying, Floyd County driver Nathan Martin had to settle for second in the Limited Late Model feature race at 191 Speedway on Saturday night. Martin, who races out of Mud Creek, finished second to familiar rival Nicky Pennington.

In addition to Pennington, Michael Paul Howard (Open Wheel Modified), Colby Taylor (KDRA Super Stock) and Chase Hunley (Stock Four-Cylinder) earned feature wins.

Complete feature race results from 191 Speedway follow.

Open Wheel Modified: 1. 24-Michael Paul Howard; 2. 11-Scott LeMaster; 3. 42-James Grigsby; 4. 0-Jimmy Collins; 5. 33-Aaron Ratliff; 6. 412-Kevin Harkins; 7. 12-Jamie Maggard; 8. 122-Mike Pratt; 9. 7-Henry Sizemore; ‪10. B32‬ Brandon Russell; Eulis Combs (DNS).

Limited Late Model: 1. 95-Nicky Pennington; 2. 3N‬-Nathan Martin; 3. 30-Steve Stollings; 4. 3-Mark Adkins; 5 5-Deanna Noble; 6. 11P‬-Dustin Pennington; 7. 24-Jimmy Johnson; Henry Lawson (DNS); Jonathon Couch (DNS).

KDRA Super Stock: 1. 15-Colby Taylor; 2. 460-Robby Perkins; 3. I1‬-Jim Ison; 4. 10-Al “Coon” Lykins; 5. H29-Kevin Greer; Greg Hensley (DNS); Josh Shuffler (DNS)

Stock Four-Cylinder: 1. 3-Chase Hunley; 2. 00-Greg Hensley; 3. 29-Jacob Taulbee; 4. 3-Clint Cox; 5. 17 Robby Perkins; 6. ‎Colt‬ 45-Tommy Cox; 7. 11-Shane Yates; 8. 5-Eric Masters; 9. 67-Jon Garland; 10. 5JR‬-Justin Masters; 11. L47‬-Tyler Lawson; 12. 44-Eric Little; 13. 01-Alan Helton; 14. 191A‬-Alicia Little; 15. 15H‬-Brandon Phipps; 16. 33-Caleb Ratliff; 17. 23-Tyler Halsey.

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