MSU Athletics announces funding campaign for strength program

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MOREHEAD – Strength, agility and proper nutrition. All critical elements of a successful college student-athlete. And the department that makes sure all Morehead State University student-athletes are ready when they hit their venue is strength and conditioning.

The athletic department has announced a special crowdfunding campaign, in conjunction with the Eagle Excellence Fund, to make sure all Eagle student-athletes have access to the most state-of-the-art equipment available in the weight room. As with any machine, wear and tear is inevitable, but with the help of Morehead State fans and alums, the department can upgrade its existing equipment and ensure that all student-athletes have access to the proper nutritional supplements. To make a donation today, click here.

“We’re striving to be able to give our athletes the best experience possible when they come into the weight room,” said head strength and conditioning coach Matt Rhodes. “The work we do with them will directly affect their success in competition. We truly appreciate anything you can give.”

Some of the needed items include stretch bands (to aid in prevention of shoulder and neck injuries), protein shakes (for refueling properly after workouts), weighted vests (to build core strength), trap bars (to reduce injury risk on lifting), swiss press bars (shoulder stress reducer during workouts) and safety squat bars (for taking stress off shoulders and rehabbing upper body injuries).

The program welcomes all donations. A donation as low as just $25 can purchase a pair of stretch bands, and a donation of $300 will purchase a new safety squat bar. There are many other donation options, and all donations will include membership in the Eagle Excellence Fund, the fundraising and support wing of the department. Those interested can also give any amount they wish and have it designated for the strength and conditioning program.

The centerpiece of the program is the Phil Simms Weight Center, originally funded in part by Morehead State’s notable alum and Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms. The program also has a satellite facility in Johnson Arena and utilizes the turf at Jayne Stadium as well as the new practice turf field. Rhodes heads the program, aided by three graduate assistants. They maintain each team’s conditioning and nutrition programs in season, as well as out of their traditional championship seasons, and in the summer.

Staff Report


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