KHSAA issues reminder about Bylaw 9 allowances for boys’ basketball

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LEXINGTON – The delegates to the KHSAA Annual Meeting in 2014 passed revisions to Bylaw 9 to allow a limited exception to the prohibition on boys basketball players participating in outside competition once the school year begins if they have been enrolled in grade 9 and then subsequently played for a high school level team at any level. While the final regulatory approval is still pending, the Association will operate this fall as though the proposal is given final approval.

This exception for boys allows for the players who are subject to the rule, after the first day of school for the high school, to attend only those camps that meet one of the following two criteria:

– held on the campus of an NCAA or NAIA member institution during July and August, or any calendar week (Sunday through Saturday) that includes days of those months (e.g.,June 28 to July 3, 2016); or

held on the campus of an NCAA or NAIA member institution or conducted by a single NCAA or NAIA member institution within a 100-mile radius of that institution’s campus, when the only available coaches in attendance for the purpose of evaluation are the employed coaches of that institution.

For this reason, once school starts, students may attend a showcase or camp at an NCAA or NAIA school or one conducted by an NCAA or NAIA school within 100 miles of that school’s campus. Students may not attend such an activity held by any other third party if there is any organized play of any type being conducted. Case situation 9-2 at details what situations would make an event be “organized” and therefore impermissible if not conducted on an NCAA or NAIA campus unless conducted by an NCAA or NAIA school within 100 miles of that campus where that school is the only school in attendance.

Coaches will recall that the membership was united when this issue was discussed, that allowing full and unrestricted play was not in the best interest of the high school program. In addition, the restrictions closely mirror the permissions allowed of NCAA Division I coaches, therefore allowing the students to participate in legitimate recruiting activities for a college, but not be in attendance at events where coaches cannot attend.

Staff Report

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