MSU holds Grote Symposium for the Advancement of Women

Staff Report

MOREHEAD – Morehead State University hosted the 18th Wilma Grote Symposium for the Advancement of Women Monday, April 18 in the Crager Room of the Adron Doran University Center.

This year’s theme was “Moving to the Front.”

The event is named after Wilma Grote, who is the first lady emeritus. Grote was MSU’s first lady when her husband, Dr. Nelson Grote, was MSU’s 11th president. They are well respected and loved by the campus community. She was very involved in campus events during her tenure as first lady and a women’s symposium was held in her name. She remains an avid supporter of the University, along with her husband. They are often in attendance at athletic events and other campus functions.

Grote and members of the faculty established the Women’s Studies Program during that time. The Women’s Studies Program is now the Genders Studies Program.

The event was sponsored by MSU’s Office of the President, The Margaret Rice Professional Development Fund, MSU Gender Studies Program and the School of Business Administration.

The program consisted of a poster and awards presentation and featured speaker Sallie Bingham.

Winners of the Judy Rodgers Art, Media and Writing for 2016 were Anna Nichols, writing; Christina Holbert, writing; Kyle Lee, poetry; Kerry Maynard, media;. Lin Huang, painting; and Betty Morris, photography.

Poster presentations were made by subject of poster and name of student(s):

Emmeline Pankhurst: Dena Hassan;

She Means Business: Nick Goedde, Tobee Keith Hagerman and Lauren Nelson;

This Is A Man’s World: Courtney Putthoff;

The Revolution of Fitness for Women: Kelsey Christine Kleemeyer;

National Team Pay Difference: Robbie Alexx, Cole Clark and Nolan Willoughby;

Sorority Women Moving to the Front: Cheyenne Mullins and Kelsey Lynn Kuessner;

Moving Forward in Women’s Sports: Elizabeth Margililioti and Kelsey Gomez;

Kentucky’s Trailblazer: McKenna Brogli, JaiNai Fields and John Lister;

Janie L. Knell. – Undergraduate Research Fellowships: A strategic investment to reduce women underrepresentation in the mathematical sciences;

Qualified and Underpaid: Victoria Travis;

Color Psychology: Jane Allyson Christine;

Hollywood Gender Pay Gap: Haliegh Adams;

Maternity Leave Pay Differences: Josh Coomer, Dustin Casey and Jared Holloman;

The Evolution of Women in Cheerleading: Taylor Desimone, Carly Pascaretta and Lauren Strasser;

Women in Fast Food: Autumn Hyman and Bethany Perry;

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada: Kennedy Peyton Womack;

Women in Medicine: Allie R. Caudill and Laura A. King;

Women in the Military: Georgia Keogh and Sara George;

The Kentucky Foundation for Women: Emily Larae Jordan;

Creative Entrepreneurs: Morgan Alynne Ravenscraft;

Stubbing your toe or Chopping off your arm: College Student Creative Expression of Sexual Topics: Samantha J. Lowe, Lynn M. Hailer, Kimberly M. Obermayer, Jeremy R. Justice and Isabella R. Gearhart;

Understanding insights for building effective marketing strategies for women’s volleyball: Merideth Jewell, and Steve Chen and Kenneth Henderson;

College Students’ Perception of Women’s Professional Sports: Insights for Forming an Effective Marketing Plan: Leah Nissle, Steve Chen and Kenneth Henderson;

Women’s Roles in the United States Army: Rebecca Abbott;

Angela Andrendts/Apple Inc. Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores: Chelsea Brooke Clarke;

The Laundry Lounge Business Plan: April Eling, Madeline Jansen and Tylyn Leigh;

Effects on Learning: Sex Differences: Zachary Abbott, Taylor Cash, Katie Everman, Jason McClurg, Wesley White and llsun M. White;

Cultural Differences in Recognition of Emotion. Katie Hager, Logan Field, Zachary Abbott, JK Lee, J. David Forman, Kinetta Crisp, llsun M. White.

Additional information is available by calling Michael Harford, professor of management, at 606-783-2756 or Dr. Ann Andaloro, associate professor of mass communication, at (606) 783-2714.

Staff Report

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